Sunday, August 25, 2019

State faces class action on housing

Courts: Balgaddy residents included in class action move

Kishoge station set to lie idle

Lucan: Seven years idle as funding still unavailable

Council cost of litter clean-up is ‘colossal’

Clondalkin: Outlay of €7.2m to deal with illegal dumping is down €1m on 2013

Party on the streets

Clondalkin: Village awash with shamrockers as 3,000 celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Wearing of the green

Lucan: Village awash with shamrockers as 8,000 celebrate St Patrick’s Day

15 new social homes planned

CLondalkin: ‘A far greater level of construction is needed’

Thieves make off with scouting gear

Lucan: Over 270 young people affected by theft of €5,000 of camping equipment

Council denies damp in Tor an Ri

Clondalkin: ‘The smell of the dampness is disgraceful’

HSE bid to shift centre a worry

Lucan: HSE plans a ballyowen facility

Car park plan for garden blasted

Lucan: O Broin calls on parish council to think again