Friday, August 23, 2019

Residents in battle to stop coastal erosion

Portrane: True community spirit shown

Firefighter recovering from attack by patient

Man in his 30s is arrested at the scene after call-out assault in Clonee

Tributes are paid to former councillor

Community says goodbye to local activist Gerry Lynam

Cost of council refit could cost €320,000

Report says each additional seat could cost between €15,000 and €20,000

Anti-austerity demo halts council meeting

Councillor slams “aggressive” protest with “grand plan to rush chamber”

Protest disrupts council meeting

Meeting is suspended

Limits to cemetery access cause concern

Cemetery: council proposes sunday closure

Garda station closures ‘make no sense’ – Butler

Following the controversial closure of 95 Garda stations last week, local Fianna Fail councillor Darragh Butler has said “it makes no sense” to remove...

Garda suspect arson as church is badly damaged

‘Act of mindless vandalism’ condemned

Tower slide set to be reinstated at park

Repair works to vandalised equipment expected to take two weeks to complete