Monday, August 19, 2019

Christmas Guide – for kids

It’s the last installment of Gazette Style’s wish list for everyone in the family.

An exceptionally complete Mazda

There’s a joke among motoring journalists that if a company launches a car in an exotic location with dancing girls, it’s not because they’re proud of the new arrival, it’s because they’re hoping to distract you.

Enjoy an Imperial, relaxing getaway

Cork: Contemporary comforts at a 200-year-old hotel

Serving up a great way to keep Dundrum happy

Ian Downes, Frangos World Cuisine

A sparkling gem

Cinema: Ireland’s own Chris O’Dowd makes waves down under

Party Glam!

Dress to impress with dresses that are real Christma crackers.
Hotel Meyrick

Old-world charms in the city of the Tribes

Travel: It can be hard to tick all the boxes when it comes to taking a weekend away in Ireland. One thing is for sure; the weather can be unpredictable, wherever you go.
Jet Set Radio

Can easily draw you in

Technology: I’m so old, I can remember when Sega was primarily known for its consoles, rather than being “just” a developer
Love This Giant

Saints and Heads in perfect synchronicity

REVIEW: A complementary collaboration made in heaven
Mavala Nailcare

Brush up on your nails to see problems varnish

BEAUTY: Attending a wedding, college ball or debs? Then don’t forget to beautify your nails and get manicured with colours of the season that will complete that evening look.