Sunday, May 28, 2017

Corolla proves an effortless driving challenge

Toyota’s Corolla has been their best-selling car in Ireland and across the world since it launched 50 years ago. Today’s Corolla is so much more modern, economical and practical while retaining that reliability in a car that Michael Moroney found is just easy to drive.

Seat lands Ateca with value to SUV market

The Ateca gives you all of the performance features of a Volkswagen family SUV crossover at a more affordable price with a unique Seat styling feel

The sky is the limit with the latest Mazda3

Mazda is using its Skyactive engine technology to boost the performance and economy from its mid-range Mazda3 hatchback. Michael Moroney has been driving the new 2.0-litre engine version of Mazda petrol offering and remains to be convinced.

New cars ready to roll in 2017

This week, Michael Moroney looks at some of the new car introductions that you can expect to see on our Dublin City and County roads for 2017.

A Korean cracker

The new Kia Niro impresses with ease

Volvo gives hints to autonomy in new S90

This week, the new Volvo S90 impresses Michael Moroney

Crossing over comfortably with Peugeot’s 2008

During 2016 Peugeot started a more serious foray into the crossover market. Here, Michael Moroney reports on his test drive of the new 2008 which has started a trend – and you can expect to see more in terms of SUV dynamics from Peugeot in 2017.

Tiguan ya good thing

Volkswagen’s new Tiguan is all about style with sharper lines to the design to give the mid-range SUV a more modern look. For Volkswagen...

The latest Megane offers fresh design with great deals

Hatchback drivers have a wider choice of cars than ever this year helped by the recent arrival of the new Renault Megane. Renault has...

V40 model adds a new measure to Volvo safety appeal

The entry level V40 model is even more appealing, thanks to some refined features

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