Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A dreamlike journey with a unique vision

A BOY wakes up on the shoreline of an unknown island covered in ruins, and sets off to discover where he is, as a...

Launch of Splatoon 2 is coming to a Gamestop near you

Splatoon fans have the opportunity to attend Splatoon 2's launch this Saturday at Gamestop outlets in Blanchardstown and The Pavilions in Swords. The video game...

A stellar experience

elite dangerous: consoles get a great port of the hit 2015 pc game – but at a cost

Scorpio is dead – but long live the XBox One X?

PROVING that Sony don’t have the monopoly of unimaginative platform names, Microsoft have followed its rival’s PlayStation 4 Pro by just announcing the sequel...

Glasses fit for the Snapchat generation

Social media: Could these be a winner?

Facing up to new challenges in our connected world

Social media: Changing nature of online life hits Facebook

WannaCry’s rampage creates a global mess

Tech attack: Ransomware worm chewed through worldwide IT defences

Blade Runner 2049

Trailer: Massively influential film’s sequel draws near

Finches flutter past

What remains of Edith Finch: An engaging look at one family, many lives

Ready to surrender social media passwords to visit the US?

Visitors to the US may soon have to choose between privacy or surrendering their most personal data