Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Tomb raiders find Indian adventure

IF IT ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The popular mantra can spring to mind when facing franchise sequels or spin-offs, which usually tend to...

A dreamlike journey with a unique vision

A BOY wakes up on the shoreline of an unknown island covered in ruins, and sets off to discover where he is, as a...

Launch of Splatoon 2 is coming to a Gamestop near you

Splatoon fans have the opportunity to attend Splatoon 2's launch this Saturday at Gamestop outlets in Blanchardstown and The Pavilions in Swords. The video game...

A stellar experience

elite dangerous: consoles get a great port of the hit 2015 pc game – but at a cost

Scorpio is dead – but long live the XBox One X?

PROVING that Sony don’t have the monopoly of unimaginative platform names, Microsoft have followed its rival’s PlayStation 4 Pro by just announcing the sequel...

Glasses fit for the Snapchat generation

Social media: Could these be a winner?

Facing up to new challenges in our connected world

Social media: Changing nature of online life hits Facebook

WannaCry’s rampage creates a global mess

Tech attack: Ransomware worm chewed through worldwide IT defences

Blade Runner 2049

Trailer: Massively influential film’s sequel draws near

Finches flutter past

What remains of Edith Finch: An engaging look at one family, many lives

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