Monday, November 18, 2019


How to contact Dublin Gazette’s Advertising team

Please contact our Advertising Department on 01 601 0240 or to discuss your requirements and to learn about our special discounts.

For information on Page Measurements or additional advertising copy information  contact us on 01 601 0240.

Advertising – Seven-Column Measurements

1 col: 34.4 mm
2 col: 73 mm
3 col: 111.5 mm
4 col: 150 mm
5 col: 188.5 mm
6 col: 227 mm
7 col: 265 mm

Advertising Copy Checklist

  • All copy received must be CMYK
  • Copy supplied must be high-resolution PDF (JPEG and EPS also accepted). We CANNOT accept Quark files.
  • Please do not include serif fonts in text under 8 point. Also, do not include light serif fonts on dark background as we cannot guarantee quality reproduction.
  • All display advertisements must be sent to stating clearly the client name in the header bar.
  • Classified and Planning ads can also be sent to
  • Please advise us if emailing through files larger than 5MB.
  • Please book advertisements as early as possible to ensure positioning in the paper. However, pages cannot be guaranteed.


Booking Proof and Approval
Centre Section  2.00 pm Friday 12.00 pm Monday
Classifieds and Lineage 3.00 pm Monday 4.00 pm Monday
Planning 11.00 am Tuesday 1.00 pm Tuesday
Sport LOCAL ADS: 2.00 pm Monday LOCAL ADS: 5.00 pm Monday
Display LOCAL ADS: 2.00 pm Tuesday LOCAL ADS: 4.00 pm Tuesday


Our advertising rates are extremely competitive and well-structured, allowing advertisers to avail of a group rate, thus achieving very high cost efficiencies on coverage within each of the Local Authority areas or to the Greater Dublin area.

Contact the advertising team to see what special offers we currently have available.

To date, we have attracted a great many of Ireland’s national advertisers to our papers, including Aer Lingus, Ford, AIB, Tesco, and many more.

We offer the smaller business the opportunity to advertise within our Classified display section at a very competitive rate.