About Dublin Gazette Newspapers

About Us

Gazette Group Newspapers (GGN), now Dublin Gazette Newspapers (DGN) was formed in January, 2004, by ‘Ireland on Sunday’ founder Liam Hayes and Michael McGovern, a veteran of Saatchi and Saatchi, with the mission of launching quality weekly newspaper titles in the Greater Dublin Area. DGN believes that Greater Dublin is the most prized newspaper territory in the country, possessing the most rewarding demographics, the greatest spending power and the most spectacular levels of population growth.

There are many ‘new’ communities surrounding Dublin City & County, with population levels of between 40,000 and 120,000 people, which have matured or are maturing fast, and each of these, in the opinion of DGN, is the equal of any county in Ireland in terms of population levels – and each is far superior to any single county in Ireland in terms of ‘spend’ and ‘retail’ strength.

DGN is dedicated to publishing seven newspaper titles for these new urban centres – and this mission began with the successful launch of the Lucan Gazette and Blanch Gazette (in March and May of 2004), the Clondalkin Gazette (in October of 2005), and continued in May of 2007 with the launch of the Dundrum Gazette.

Our Dun Laoghaire Gazette was launched in December 2007, and DGN completed its initial launch programme in March 2008 with the introduction of the Swords Gazette (rebranded to Fingal Gazette in 2016).

DGN’s launched its most recent publication in February 2014 – Dublin City Gazette. Enabling DGN to offer advertisers a unique combination of seven titles to advertise within in order to reach in excess of 300,000 people in the Greater Dublin Area.

which means that there are seven Dublin Gazette titles serving the fastest-growing communities in Ireland, ensuring that all of Dublin’s vibrant new communities have a quality free newspapers they can call their own.

Our Mission

Dublin Gazette Newspapers (DGN) is dedicated to launching quality, weekly suburban newspapers aimed at representing, and giving a clear and strong voice, to the rapidly developing communities circling Dublin City. Each Dublin Gazette title:

  • Fosters, and further embraces, the sense of community spirit that exists in each of Dublin’s new urban centres.
  • Addresses the thoughts and needs, and central issues that arise, through schooling, transport and health needs etc., affecting all of the people living in the fastest-growing urban areas in Ireland.
  • Affords businesses, big and small, the opportunity of communicating with all of the people living in each community, and also presents businesses and ‘business communities’ with the opportunity of reaching out to the entire suburban population of Dublin City and County.
  • Treats all issues, and represents voluntary organisations within these communities, in a fair and balanced manner.
  • Strongly supports schools, sports clubs and all voluntary organisations, in their efforts to communicate clearly and effectively with all of the people in each community.
  • Serves as a strong, positive, self-respecting voice for all of the people who have chosen to live in each community.
  • Takes a central, dynamic role in campaigning on the issues central to the lives of all of the people living in each community – supporting people, schools, clubs and organisations and local businesses, in order to make each community a better and more rewarding place in which to live.