Monday, December 9, 2019




David Keenan: A slow act of intimate musical poetry

Perhaps the strangest thing about wild developmental story of David Keenan – still unfolding slowly after years of slow-building to the heights...

Review: This is no ordinary panto… it’s an incredible panto!

The magical story of Aladdin is getting a 2019 makeover at Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre – and panto audiences are loving it.

Harry Connick Jr: Legend is revelling in his artistic variety

New Orleans legend Harry Connick Jr has had a vast, varied career, taking in movie acting, Broadway performances, and his original and...

Combining a love of animals and dance to combat cruelty

A Dublin-born artist has combined his love of animals and dance music to raise more than $100,000 for an animal-rights charity, Music...

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