Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sensitive Baxter is such a real sweetheart

Sensitive Baxter has a lot of love to give the right owner

The Internet’s Dad defends user data

The creator of the modern internet slams attempts to further commercialise users' online data

Takes a shot at greatness

Free Fire: A cool cast aim great zingers at each other in this violent but witty film

There’s Mojito Mexico than cocktails, sun and sandy beaches

Mexico delights with plenty to attract visitors than 'just' fabulous beaches and hotel life

Mazda adds new comfort levels in its 6 upgrade

Mazda has upgraded the Mazda6 model as part of a mid-life change with enhanced driving features to add more comfort and ease of driving, while still delivering power and style. Michael Moroney drove the new Mazda6 and feels it’s entitled to jump a notch into the premium brand league.

Fine Filly is looking for a dedicated family home

Filly would be a lovely pet for the right, loving owner

Going back to his roots

Music: Clare musician Daithi O’Dronai is a hard man to pin down

Quote happy with Dublin Chamber’s new rebrand

The Chamber will drop the words ‘of commerce’ from its logo, which sees a return to the colour blue that is so synonymous with Dublin

Shoot for success with some photography insights

Exhibition: Catching up with some of the latest photography developments

A darkly original satire

Get Out: A memorable mix of horror, social commentary and comedy

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